S. Newsome- 6.30.17

Ok so I got my WooSah today, SS Cosmo Elite. I got it based on public opinion and the Tim Wright video calling it the most fidget-able ever. I said to myself before I freed her from the box that I was not a lemming. I was not going to just fall in line with praise if it wasn't deserved. I'm my own man! Not anymore. Tim Wright was Tim Right! OMG is she a beauty. I get it, I totally get it. It's the most natural feeling spinner I've ever spun. WooSah will be seeing much more of my hard earned money. As recommended as humanly possible. Sincerely very pleased. WOOSAH!!

L. Holloway - 6.30.17

Ok, I thought I had felt the smoothest,coolest spinner when I got my BM mini cortex. Great piece, but then I scored a one drop trillium and that was the most buttery spin ever right??? I expected the Woosah Polished Chakra to be an excellent piece, but I did not expect it to top the trillium in smoothness and that wicked looking spin, but jaw dropped wow! This is beyond expectations. Thank you and Woosah!!!!

G Marriott - 6.29.17

Well my Chakra came today and I am blown away. 
WooSah !' Got You All In Check!
This thing spins like BUTTER right out of the box. 
Kinda want to keep it on ICE it is so pretty but feels like should be my EDC ASAP! I LOVE THIS SPINNER 


I. McDonald - 6.29.17

Dear WooSah: HOW!?!?!?!?

Epic two spinner mail call (Chakra deserves it's own post) woop woop, but my #23 Chakra, made by the one and only WooSah, is fricken magic. Completely insane. I'm probably being cursed by the WooSah sorcery right now. But it's also heaven at the same time. I need help explaining sorry. So moral of the story, if you didn't get a Chakra, I have deep sorrow for your loss of a great and truly beautiful spinner. Now getting to the Chakra... It's a beast at forward flicking, back flicking, top flicking, bottom flicking, flicking, spinning, being sexy, super sexy, being a mirror, and last but not least a WooSah. No finger fatigue or distress at all and the weight is absolutely perfect. I fricken love it is what I'm trying to convey. THANK YOU WOOSAH!!!


L. Buhalis  - 6.29.17

At the moment, I only have one WooSah, the aluminum Namaste Fletching in blue. I LOVE THIS SPINNER! Maybe it's the light-but-not-too-light weight, maybe it's the extra thick buttons that make it so easy to hold and spin, maybe it's the beautifully smooth and ultra-fidgetable design, or maybe it's all down to precision machining for balance and smoothness. Whatever it is, WooSah makes amazing and comfortable spinners for a very fair price.

L.  Yeuñg - 6.29.17

My Chakra arrived! I expected to be amazed, but it still exceeded my expectations.

Feels great to fidget with, looks great, and silently spins buttery smooth.

Seems like I got a new favorite.

Thanks, Branch family! This thing's AMAZING.

M. Williams - 6.30.17

I remember when I first got into the fidget scene a few months back. I wasn't picky on what spinner I would buy. I only knew about Amazon and eBay selling spinners, then I found Etsy. I spent weeks looking through the spinners there seeing which ones looked cool or would spin smoothly. I seen WooSah products all over Etsy and decided I'd check out the site. I loved the designs of them. I was back and forth on buying one for a while. I would add one I liked to my kart and be like " I'll leave it here and I'll keep looking just in case I find one I would like better." and in minutes the one I wanted would be out of stock.. 🤔... so I would go back and find another one and do the same thing. and again out of stock. I was annoyed that they couldn't keep anything in stock. so I gave up on them...... Then I found TDF. and I joined so I could learn more about spinners. I met some really amazing people there and were willing to answer any of my dumb noobish questions. Then WooSah was popping up on the posts. I sat back and watched how everyone was screaming WooSah and how good they were.. I was hesitant at first but Then Chris Branch posted a picture of the Orange Namaste Fletching... I flew to the WooSah site on Etsy and looked for it. it didn't drop yet.. I watched that page forever it felt like. Then there it was... quantity 1... 😮... I had to have it. I clicked buttons so fast to order it..... it was mine I Finally got one... Then the wait lol. felt like years. tracked it every hour to see where it was.... Then I got a text message from USPS saying I had a delivery... 🙂... there it was in this box with WooSah written across it. I torn it open and BAM!!! Finally it was in my hand.. I looked at it compared to the size of my hand and was a little worried I wouldn't be able to use it with one hand.. I only knew how to my ring finger to spin with... but I tried all different ways to spin it and now it's a daily carry. I bought a fabric pouch to carry it in so it doesn't get scratched by my keys or whatever is in my pocket... I found out why WooSahUSA couldn't keep anything in stock... they make one of the best high quality spinners around. and the prices are f

air and the customer service is amazing. going above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy and taken care of.. I'm a loyal friend, family member and Customer for life.... I don't know where you stand as an owner or promoter or whatever your title is Chris Branch.... but you need a raise or a vacation or something.

Thank You WooSahUSA

 C. Deroche Jr.- 7.4.17

Don't really know whatelse to say in person it's a thing of beauty. Chakra is so shiny, polished that when you spin it in your hand it's so smooth. No hard edges. no hot spots with this spinner. Sometimes I don't even spin it, I just feel the polished surface and just move it around on my hand. When I do spin it feel like it the bearing doesn't even exist bearing but a bowl of extra virgin olive oil. It just spins with  perfect balance and the equally design points is amazing. I move it around at varying degrees because the light plays off the chakra ever so delicately. and when I do move it around the different axis it says buttery smooth. No wobble. no jitter. just silky smooth. The light dances around it in different patterns, its a sight to behold. It really is everything I've ever wanted in a spinner. Table spin it looks like it will never end. hand spin its smooth. My fingers dance with it! I absolutely love this WooSah!