Performance Issue:

  •     Slow or Grindy Spin (Never dropped)


  • Unscrew grips

  • Blow out bearings - Canned air, small air compressor.

  • Rinse - Denatured alcohol (follow all safety instructions)

  • Repeat blow out of bearings - MAKE sure to remove all Moisture

Bearing Removal:

In order to keep cost down, all WooSah spinners (original, fun, elite) comes fit with a 608 pressfit bearings.

to customize and install aftermarket bearings:

  • unscrew grips

  • place exposed bearing face down

  • press firmly and evenly from the top

  • a small amount of hot soapy water might be helpful (be sure to follow drying instructions noted above.

  • reinstall new bearings from the exit side of the WooSah (Ensure everything is dry).

WooSah is not responsible for Spinner damage if removal of original bearing.