Unique Marks

Due to the nature of our individualized processes, your WooSah may have unique "swirls" and or lines not shown in the photos.  While we guarantee against any hotspots & tangible scratches, with our current pricing, we are not able to provide replacement of units with unique markings. We hope you will accept these as an indicator of the small batch production item that you are buying.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

~WooSah USA


Please note that our current offering of WooSahs are "fidget spinners" designed for discreet, comfort in an Every Day Carry (EDC) item with limited spin times of under 2 minutes.


The Namaste, Cosmo and Doubleheader are designed to increase focus and awareness of the task at hand, while helping the user avoid other bad or distracting habits.  


This detail in design has made WooSah USA the #1 choice of classrooms and workplaces

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