Fidgets and spinners are all the rage right now both for those who physically and emotionally benefit from them and those who just plain find them fun. However, as we found on the hunt to find the right fidget tool for our kiddos, they are either being mass produced & of poor quality and/or design or are outrageously expensive and designed to please an solely an adult user.  

At WooSah USA we are committed to providing a fidget spinner that is accessible to the working family, teachers & professionals and that is of high quality & great designs.

While we feel that our current prices are fair, we are looking to expand our offerings and increase our quantities and dedicated production time to further reduce our costs and pass those savings along to schools and those working with special needs individuals. Accessibility is very important to us as we have seen 1st hand the phenomenal impact that a WooSah can have on a person's life. Our dream would be to have a WooSah available for any child who needed something to help them soothe, calm or focus. This is "Why We WooSah!"

Over our past 2 months of WooSah-ing we've received rave reviews from parents and adult WooSahers and have found a place in the hearts of spinner and EDC collectors.  

We hope to expand our current, high quality, durable offerings to further

serve this community as well. 

Why WooSah?